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Unified and

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Your reality has changed. The rules have too.

Do your employees communicate as well as they do in the office?

About 20% of employees state that they are less productive than before.

According to Statistics Canada, the lack of communication is one of the main sources of this decline in productivity.

Take action today – easily!

Unify your communications and optimize your telephone system. It’s crucial for your business’ well-being.

Know the solution. Quite simply.

Stay connected with your colleagues everywhere, even in the most unusual places...

Challenge us on your balcony, at the cottage, when camping, at home, at your office and even in the bathroom!

With one application, you can be reachable on all of your communication tools.

Do you want great features? Well here they are!

But how does it work?

One bill, 3 kinds of expertise. Unlimited users!


Technical know-how, maintenance and monitoring.


Telephone lines & hosting are located in Quebec


A unified communications system.

Proven performance. Read the case studies!

It’s your turn! Assess your costs.

OK! Now.

For our sales pitch!

Contact us and we’ll evaluate your savings for free.

Call the homing pigeon.

Whistle while turning around 2 times.

They trust their communications with us